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How To Duet On TikTok

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TikTok is a social media app that allows its users to share their videos with friends, followers and family.

TikTok is a mobile application where users create short videos. The app has over 500 million downloads worldwide and is currently one of the top-ranking apps in the US App Store. How TikTok started is a completely different story, here’s a brief history of TikTok, the viral app!

If you want to start creating videos, here are some things you should consider before uploading your first video, especially if you want to duet someone.

The Basics

TikTok is a fun app that lets users create and share short videos. Users can earn points by posting videos. These points can be used to enter contests and win prizes. To get more views, users should post videos that go viral. Videos that are already going viral can be re-posted on the app using the duet feature. How to go viral on TikTok and enable that feature? This article explains how to use the Duet feature on TikTok.

The “Duet” Feature

Duetting a video simply means having the video side by side with yours and reacting to it or responding to it in some way. You can choose whether or not to let people duet your videos. If you want to make sure that only certain users can duet your videos, you need to change the setting to ‘Only Friends.’ This means that you won’t be able to duet your videos with anyone else.

If you want to open yourself up to dueting by everyone, then you should set this option to ‘Anyone.’ You can choose who can see your video. Choose Public if you want everyone to be able to see it. Choose Friends Only if you want your friends to be able to see your video but other people won’t. Choose Private if you want no one else to be able to see what you’re doing.

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Start Duetting

Now you’ve set up your Duet settings. Now you can Duet someone else’s app video. To start, click the application. Go to the video you want to Duet. Click the share button on the right side of your screen. Then press the Duet button. Start filming. Add any filters, effects, or stickers. Then post any additional information.

Using Sound

TikTok Duets videos automatically add the audio from the source video. You can also record your own audio by using the steps above. A simple way to make a funny video. You can add sound effects, add text, filters, etc. Then you tap next and then press post. Here’s a quick guide on how to make a sound on TikTok.

Adding A Voiceover

You can add a voice-over to your Duet by opening the TikTok app. Go to the video you want to Duet. Click on the Share button on the right side of your screen. Choose the Duets option.

Then press the red button at the very bottom of your screen to begin recording! You can also use the Voiceover key on your keyboard to record your voiceover. Then you can click Record if you want to record your voiceover as well.

You can add any effects, text, stickers, and filters to make your video more interesting. When done recording, you can save the file by pressing Save at the top-left corner of the phone screen. After saving, you can come back to this page and edit your video title, description, tags, and thumbnail.

Then you can press the Post button to share your video online.

Editing Your Duet

You can edit a Duet just like you edit a regular TikTok video. Click the application, navigate to the video you want to Duet, select the share button on the right side of your screen, choose the Duet option, press the big button at the end of the phone screen, and start the filming process. To edit the video, press any of the buttons on either side or bottom of the video, or use the slider to adjust the speed.

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Duetting Your Own Videos

You can Duet other people’s TikToks, as well as your own. To do this, click the application. Go to the video you want to Duet. Then select the Share button. This will bring up the Duet option. Click Duet. Now press the red button at the top of the phone screen, and start the filming process. You can add any effects, text, or filters to make your video stand out.

The Downside of Duets

There is currently no way to view all the duets at once. Each individual duet will appear on your feed as usual. But when you go to the creator’s page, each duet will be listed separately. This means that if you want to see every single duet, you’ll need to load the creator’s page first.

A duet is an option available to TikTokers who want to share their videos with friends or followers. To enable this feature, go to your profile settings and turn on the Duet button. You’ll be able to select other people to send a copy of your video.

You can’t duet a TikTok video using a pre-recorded video. All Duet videos must be created inside the application, as a sort of response to the video.

Duet On TikTok

​Duet Ideas

Reaction Duets

There are so many TikTokers who post videos of themselves on TikTok. Use Duet to show your genuine reactions when you see their works. It could be something crazy on TV you’re reacting to, or you’re reacting to something funny from another content creator. Whether it’s cute puppy videos or cooking videos to DIY videos, there’s plenty to react to.

A Comparison Between Before and After

You could do a before and after duet, where you showcase something such as a memory from before, and you reenact that memory a few years later. Popular trends are when siblings show a video from their childhood as the original video and duet it by recreating the video when they’re all grown up to show the difference.

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Test Your Acting Skills

Some trends show users dueting other videos with their acting skills. One side shows a user having a conversation (with gaps for someone to respond) and the other user can duet this by filling in the gaps so it looks like they are acting out a scene together. Of course, you can actually duet someone by singing!

Stay Trendy

There are lots of new trends on TikTok. Try one out that you like the look of and see how successful you can be by duetting a popular creator.

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Having read this post all the way through you should now understand how to duet on TikTok. If you follow all the steps correctly you should be able to edit duets comfortably and play around with any sounds or filters you want to use. Now go get creating!

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