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Browse our large selection of packages

Choose what suits you best. We offer a variety of packages with competitive prices!

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All we ever ask for is your username and email address for receipt purposes, no passwords required!

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10,000 TikTok Followers

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100 TikTok Followers

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350 TikTok Followers

  • Real Followers
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Wow guys is real ,thanks to this website I can go live❤️ I had 460 followers now 1158 ❤️❤️



Needed to boost an account to be able to go live on the platform and it went perfectly! Will use again if needed. THANKS AGAIN!



The best app in net its safe people if you dont belive me you cant see my profile or contact me robert emini fb or tiktok RobertLiza12.06



After purchase I received anywhere from 2 to 4 followers a minute. I purchased 1k Followers and had them all within about 8 hours. How they gave me the followers seemed to be really safe so that it wouldn't raise any suspension. As soon as I got 1k Followers I was able to go live immediately! I highly recommend this service. I definitely am thankful. I had problems getting view and followers before now. But now I'm already getting them outside of what I purchased. 10 out of 10 Stars 🌟 Highly Recommended! 😁



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buy TikTok followers

why you should buy tikTok followers

Though the idea of buying followers isn’t generally welcomed, it is a very popular practice in the world amongst individuals, businesses, influencers, and even celebrities seeking millions of followers. Basically, anyone who’s dreaming of going places where they can use their talent to become a public phenomenon.

As the TikTok platform progressively becomes more and more competitive among other social media platforms, the organic reach that you could get back when the platform first launched is no longer possible, especially if you are a new account, and you're struggling in your own ways with your social media marketing now that the competition is fierce.

When you buy real TikTok followers, you will jump-start your TikTok career by setting a solid foundation of followers in place, giving your account the fighting chance to reach and build an organic following and improve your social media presence.

Having a large following will give your brand a sense of importance and credibility to all of the people who land on your profile. Think about it. Would you rather follow a celebrity with 500 followers or one with 50,000 followers?

Having social proof is everything, and buying followers is one very quick and safe way to do that. Everybody does it in exchange for getting a head start and gaining popularity, so why don’t you?

why choose SocialBoosting?

SocialBoosting was developed by a professional digital marketing agency with longstanding experience in the social media marketing services field. Over the years, in times where bots were the real thing, we have come to understand the importance of a good and high-quality following. We have seen it on Instagram, and we are now seeing it with TikTok.

We founded SocialBoosting to allow everyone who desires to grow on TikTok, and become a “ TikToker ” the ability to safely and securely buy real and authentic following at competitive prices.

At SocialBoosting, we have one of the best and most caring customer care teams in the business. Should you have any issues or concerns with your purchase, you can contact us via live chat or over the phone by calling +1 (888) 815-1534 and we will take care of your queries right away. Moreover, you can check our customer reviews on the Reviews page on our website.

We have also developed a number of industry-leading technologies, such as the refill, which allows you to regain any lost followers that were part of your purchase. Another great feature that we have introduced for our larger packages is the drip feed, which allows you to spread out the number of followers your account gets. We made all of these features available in our social media services. Whenever you purchase any kind of package, you'll have all these options to your advantage.

This will keep you on the safe side of the TikTok algorithm and prevent you from getting banned or any other problems because your account will look like it is growing organically and completely naturally.

In all cases, if you decide to buy followers, you can start with a price that is as little as $5 for 100 followers and gradually build up your following using our more comprehensive packages. If you have any questions, get in touch with us today.

Safe and secure service

Is it safe to buy tikTok Followers?

Absolutely. At SocialBoosting, we provide all of our customers with real, active, and authentic followers.

The truth is that before launching SocialBoosting, we spent a tremendous amount of time studying the data in the TikTok algorithm. Then, we created our packages and technologies to help us deliver the best possible service to our valuable customers.

As an example, we introduced the drip-feed feature, its role is to allow you to safely grow the following of your TikTok account over a period of time when you purchase a larger TikTok follower package.

Moreover, our payment gateway uses the latest security protocols, allowing you to purchase TikTok followers while we keep all of your information 100% safe and secure. PayPal is one of the several payment methods we have, you can find more info about our payment methods, just pop that chat button and send us a message.

How Much Do Followers Cost?

At SocialBoosting, our goal is to provide the best possible TikTok followers service at reasonable costs. This is why all of our packages are priced very competitively despite featuring a number of industry-leading features like drip-feed and follower refill.

Our most affordable package is available for just $5, in which you will gain 100 real TikTok followers, the ability to track your order, a money-back guarantee, and a follower refill. These solutions are the bare minimum a package can carry, higher packages offer more features.

Our most popular option is the $33.50 package. In return, you will receive 1,500 real followers, all the benefits listed in the 100 fan package, and access to our drip-feed technology, which allows you to spread out the number of followers you get overtime. Such pricing was well thought of and it was based on the data that we have that is based on hundreds of purchases.

The list goes on with the larger selection of packages of 10,000, 20,000, 35,000 and 50,000 followers at rates of only $130, $250, $350 and $480 respectively. Also, always be on the lookout for special discounts, or even a free trial for special services.

If you have a unique set of requirements, you can click on contact us and provide us with all of the details and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals and put your mind at ease. We're one email away!

Phone showing TikTok users

How Buying Followers Can Change Your Life?

When you buy real TikTok followers and have a larger follower count, your account will seem a lot more interesting to new potential followers that come across your content especially if it's high-quality content. Why? Because you already have the social proof, influence, and a reputation. Think about it, would you rather follow someone with 200 followers or someone with 20,000?

When you have a large following to your name, your potential audience will instantly figure out your importance amongst professionals, and they would want to follow you. This, of course, will lead to an influx of organic followers, which will further help with the growth of your account and for you to reach the top and gain more visibility than ever! Just make sure to keep creating posts on a regular basis, that reflect your creativity and make you a sensation amongst your friends!

Eventually, when you get followers and your TikTok account has grown to a decent size, you will have a fighting chance of competing for a place on the explore page, where the real views, followers, and likes will start flowing in.

You can then start to make some money from the TikTok content creator fund, create your own brand, work with brands, have deals with them, get paid for promoting their products in a post, and much more.

If at any point you want to make your TikTok account a source of income, buying TikTok followers will lay the foundation for you, especially if you are a smaller account. What you can do against a small fee of a couple of dollars might take you weeks if not months to achieve organically. However, in reality, it won't matter if you don't simultaneously create videos that are highly creative and engage your fan base.

should we accept free followers?

We wouldn’t recommend you to accept any free followers to your account. Things that come free are often scams and of low quality. Such social media promotion will hold you back, and chances are it’ll do you more harm than good! Never trust such websites especially when it sounds too good to be true.

Moreover, sites that offer free followers usually pose a security threat to your account. There is always the risk of them selling or using your sensitive information for malicious purposes. Thus, it is best to avoid lucrative offers like that.

We understand that the social media market is very competitive, and becoming an influencer on platforms like TikTok and many others like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook … is not an easy task, however, accepting free followers will make the process more difficult in the long run.

If TikTok notices that you are making use of follower bots or any other spammy practices coming from these providers, their choice would be to either penalize your account by shadow banning it, which will result in your content not getting featured on the explore page and not getting the exposure and the traffic you need to reach new audiences, or to shut down your account permanently, putting all of your hard work to waste.

We would only advise you to buy TikTok fans from trusted companies like SocialBoosting - where we provide our clients with real, high-quality, and active followers that will give you the engagement you need to continue growing your presence on the app. One solution can be is to set a budget that works for you, and make sure to stick to it until you reach your goal.

Live on TikTok

how to go live on tikTok

In order to go live on TikTok, you need to have at least 1,000 followers on the platform. Once you have met this requirement, you will gain instant access to this feature by tapping on the “Plus” icon at the bottom of your screen where you will find the “Live” option available.

We know that getting the ball rolling, especially when it comes to such a competitive platform as TikTok, is a hard and challenging process, especially when it’s a bit difficult to come with ideas and create a video that has any chance of success to help you stand out in your community.

We also know that going live on TikTok will provide your current viewers and other users with a unique way to engage with you in real-time, which will have a big impact on their loyalty to your brand. Also, you could benefit from going live by asking your audience to follow you, if they aren’t already, and follow your videos and stories!

One quick way to reach 1,000 followers and unlock the TikTok live feature is to get followers from a trusted and reputable company like SocialBoosting. Within 24 hours, you will be able to unlock the TikTok live feature and engage with other accounts like never before.

By engaging, we mean going all in and asking your audience for comments, shares, or maybe to ask you a question that you will answer, or anything that can help you stand out from your competitors. This strategy will improve your engagement rate, audience retention, and help you step up and reach another level of fame.

how fast is your delivery?

Once the purchase is successful, you can expect your followers to be delivered within 24 hours. SocialBoosting will typically deliver a maximum of 2,000 to 3,000 followers per account, per day. Unlike other service providers, we do this to protect our clients' profiles from getting caught by the TikTok algorithm and getting banned.

In case of a larger purchase, we will deliver your followers through our revolutionary drip-feed feature, which sends an influx of followers to your account in a manner of intervals. We would highly recommend that you make use of it if you want to not get caught by the TikTok algorithm and risk your account from getting banned.

If you notice that something isn’t right with the way you are receiving your followers, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support today, and we will get back to you immediately. Or, if you feel like leaving a review on our services, head over to our Reviews tool on the website, and feel free to describe our service, from speed, variety of packages, advantages we offer, or even to your overall user experience with us. It's the only way for us to know how to progress from here on.

Why Followers Shouldn’t Be Delivered Same Day?

If your account experiences an influx of high numbers of TikTok fans on the same day without any particular reason, that would alert the TikTok algorithm and put your account at the risk of being banned.

This is why we have introduced the drip-feed feature for our larger packages. The drip-feed feature will simply supply your account with a realistic and natural number of followers over time until your entire purchase is fulfilled. When you get TikTok followers over time, the growth of your account will seem natural to the algorithm, preventing your account from getting banned or violating any sort of TikTok’s policies.

For instance, let’s say that you have ordered the 10,000 TikTok fans package but you don’t want all that quantity at once for obvious reasons. What you can do in this case, to protect your investment, plan it right and set the drip-feed feature to send those 10,000 followers over a period of time.

Drip-feed feature

In addition, you can customize the drip-feed of followers to your TikTok account to your liking. If you want to grow as naturally as possible, you can distribute the 10,000 followers in a range of 2 or 3 “runs”. Each “run” will boost your account with followers in accordance with your drip-feed customization.

can i get a refund if i’m not satisfied with the service?

If you wish to request a refund due to a drop in followers after purchasing one of our packages, don’t worry. You can always ask for a refill. Simply submit your request and we will take care of things. The Refill Guarantee is a service that comes with every package that we offer at SocialBoosting. Rest assured in knowing the fact that we will never ask for your password, credit card information, or any other sensitive information.

If you are still not happy with the service provided by SocialBoosting, you can request a refund. Keep in mind that our refund policy covers any purchase of our packages made within 30 days from the date of purchase.

In other words, to get a refund, you need to request a refund within 30 days.

When requesting your refund, please make sure that you provide us with your order ID so that our customer support team can locate your purchase and issue a refund.

Once you send your refund request, our customer service team will issue the refund within 10 days. If you have not received your refund within 10 working days, please check your bank account again or contact us at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

Is It Safe To Buy Followers From SocialBoosting?

Of course! We understand the importance of delivering our customers a high-quality and authentic following. At the end of the day, real TikTok fans will provide real engagement. Besides that, to successfully deliver results, we would only require your username and e-mail address. We need this information to know which account to send the followers to and to send you the receipt for proof of your purchase.

The secure payment method at SocialBoosting uses cutting-edge technology, allowing your privacy and sensitive information to remain completely safe and secure without any problem.

This is why we believe that SocialBoosting is the best website to buy followers from. Over the years, after many orders and subscribers using our services, we have helped thousands of customers buy TikTok fans and kick-start their social media careers.

Got a quick question?

How long does it usually take to get followers?

After you place your order, our systems will start processing it and the delivery should start within the hour. As a safety precaution, we deliver up to 3k followers per day.

Do you provide followers from the targeted area or country?

We are currently working on providing targeted followers, and we will be updating our packages as soon as possible.

When will I get eligible for refill?

We offer a refill for 30 days after the purchase. If there is a drop in the numbers, you can directly request a refill.

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    Satisfaction is our first priority. If you are not happy with our service, we guarantee a 100% money back.

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