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We are currently working on having monthly packages and subscription plans. You can always reach out to our customer support team for advice regarding the best packages to have.

After going through hundreds of thousands of orders, we chose the best packages there are, and we made sure to put the most popular ones on our website.

Absolutely not! We’ve been operating successfully within the terms and conditions set by TikTok, and never had an issue with any user. However, if the user is using their account to spread fake news or publish spam content, TikTok will suspend their account and this has nothing to do with our services.

To grow your Instagram account, you can buy views. Views will increase your account’s visibility if you’re seeking to become an influencer. It will be simpler for you to advertise your goods or services if you have a business or a professional profile.

Instagram’s algorithm favors videos with a lot of views and strong engagement. Additionally, people will be curious about how you were able to achieve so many views on your videos.

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Why Should You Buy Instagram Views?

Influencers and other Instagram business accounts regularly buy views for their content. If you want to grow your social media account, posting Instagram videos on IGTV and on your profile is a great way to create a varied set of content. However, it can be hard to garner enough views, likes, and engagements on your posts.

When you purchase Instagram views from SocialBoosting, you give your posts and quality content a kickstart, which will result in more real people and potential customers watching your videos. For influencers, getting more views on your content could also be a great way to attract sponsors and potential business partners.

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How To Buy Instagram Views?

At SocialBoosting, we offer a safe space where you can purchase Instagram views for your videos. On our website, you’ll find a variety of different packages and services that can give you an edge over the competition. Here’s how to buy Instagram views on the SocialBoosting website;

  • Choose from our different packages and products that best suit your needs
  • Provide the video URL link you wish to boost and your email address
  • Check out and wait for your view count to grow

How Much Do Instagram Views Cost?

We fully understand that everyone is at a different stage of their social media career and has different needs. If you’re just starting out, you could probably benefit most by going for one of our starter and more affordable packages. As an example, our cheapest views package will deliver you 500 views for just $2.50.

If you have a larger account, you could buy up to 1,000,000 views for $1,380, which would be delivered through the drip-feed method that we use here, at SocialBoosting.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Views From You?

Yes. At Socialboosting, we take the safety and security of our customers very seriously. To deliver any of our Instagram views packages, we will never ask you for your password or other sensitive information.

Besides, when buying Instagram views, you need to make sure to buy them from reputable sources that provide you with high-quality views in a way that doesn’t alert the algorithm. If the algorithm catches you buying views, you can get into some trouble with the social media platform.

At Socialboosting, we make sure to keep your account safe when you select a package over 10,000 views, we use the drip-feed method which ensures that you won’t get caught out by the algorithm.

Should I Use Drip-Feed When I Buy Instagram Views?

It depends on what package you end up buying. If you purchase a 500 views package for $2.50, then no, you don’t need to use our drip-feed feature. But, if you’re looking at buying 1,000,000 views for $1,380, then yes, we strongly advise that you take advantage of the drip-feed feature.

The drip-feed method provides you with a steady stream of views over a longer period of time. That way, your posts will get a consistent amount of views over time and prevent the algorithm from catching you out.

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