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Spotify Plays

Spotify is an amazing platform where musicians can publicize their music, reach a wider audience, and even earn royalties from their listeners. But if you ask any artist who has released music on Spotify, you’ll find that getting people to play your music on the platform is pretty tough.

This is because most listeners on Spotify already know what they want to listen to via the playlists they have made for themselves, or they follow. So, for any upcoming artist who wants to get more plays, getting plays and going viral organically is a mission close to impossible.

As a result, many artists have started to buy Spotify plays, which are an essential metric on Spotify. But before we get into more detail on why you should buy Spotify plays and how you can go about the process, let’s first take a look at exactly what Spotify plays are.

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What Are Spotify Plays?

Spotify plays are the most important metric to follow when you’re on Spotify as an artist. Spotify plays refers to the number of times your song was played or listened to. And the more plays you have, the better for your song and profile.

Artists with more plays on Spotify tend to have more credibility. You can use the number of plays to show event organizers that people listen to your music and even other artists who would want to collaborate with you. But on top of all that, Spotify plays are the way you can earn money on the platform.

This is because Spotify pays artists royalties depending on their number of plays. It’s common knowledge that the royalties from Spotify aren’t that big unless you’re getting millions of streams.

So, budding artists need all the help they can get to boost the number of plays on their songs to start bringing in a decent income.

Why Should You Buy Spotify Plays?

If you’re new to the Spotify platform, it’s completely understandable if you’re hesitant to buy Spotify plays. But don’t worry; there are more artists than you might think that do this regularly.

This is because buying Spotify plays can do a lot for you on the Spotify platform, so let’s look at the benefits you can receive from buying Spotify plays.

Gain Popularity Quicker

Like any platform, Spotify also has an algorithm that controls what songs are shown to users.

Spotify’s algorithm is known to consider quite a few factors when determining what new music to show listeners on the platform.

And one of the factors that the algorithm considers before pushing your music to a wider audience is whether or not your song has any plays and if it does, how many.

The biggest benefit of having more Spotify plays is that it helps you gain popularity quickly. While you can always boost the number of plays on your profile organically, almost every artist on the platform will tell you how hard that is.

But if you give yourself a slight boost by buying Spotify plays, it could give your song the momentum it needs to be recognized by the algorithm, get pushed to a wider audience, and rise in popularity quickly.

There are many artists that got their song viral by buying their first couple of Spotify plays. So, if you’re looking to boost your reputation as an artist fast, buying Spotify plays is a great way to do that.

Reach A Broader Audience

Songs with more plays have a higher chance of being pushed by the algorithm. You may have noticed this already, but all the songs that pop up on your Discover Weekly and other algorithmic playlists have at least a couple of plays behind them.

And while you won’t need millions of streams to appear on these playlists, having at least a couple of thousand plays is a great way to put your song on the map.

When you buy Spotify plays from SocialBoosting, the algorithm will notice that your songs are being played, and as a result, it will give your music a chance by pushing it to a broader audience.

Become Famous As An Artist

While most artists won’t say it out loud, the main goal of many musicians is to become famous. But the thing is, you won’t be able to become famous as a musician if you don’t have people listening to your music. That’s why for many artists, the first stepping stone on Spotify is to get their first few thousand listens, and from there on, growing organically gets slightly easier.

To become famous as an artist on Spotify, you’re not only going to have to put in a lot of work and release great songs, but you will also need to convince the algorithm that you are worthy of more attention, and buying Spotify plays is a great way to do just that.

Save Money

If you’re looking to promote your music to boost stream numbers without paying for Spotify plays, you might end up spending way more money than you thought. This is because advertising and promoting your music can cost money.

Buying a space high enough in a popular Spotify playlist in your genre can easily cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. And the thing is, you won’t get the position within the playlist forever.

Usually, such promotions only last for a certain amount of time, after which you’ll either need to pay again or you’ll be removed and replaced by another artist. That’s why buying genuine Spotify plays will not only get you the plays you need but will also cost you far less.

Earn Royalties

The biggest advantage of getting Spotify plays is that you’ll start to earn royalties on your music. And that also applies to plays that you have bought from SocialBoosting. This is only possible because all the plays you get will come from genuine and active Spotify listeners.

Starting to finally earn money from the songs you have put in a ton of effort to release is the best feeling, and we are here to help you achieve that. So, if you are interested in finding out how the process of buying Spotify plays works, keep on reading as we explore that in the next section.

How To Buy Spotify Plays

Buying Spotify plays at SocialBoosting is a super simple and straightforward process that will take just a few minutes. We have made sure that our customers have the easiest time, and that the process doesn’t take longer than just a couple of minutes.

That way, you won’t waste time promoting your songs and will focus on what matters the most, writing and releasing great music that people want to listen to. To buy Spotify plays from SocialBoosting, simply head to our website and the Spotify Plays page. After that:

  • Choose the Spotify plays package that best fits your needs
  • Provide us with your Spotify details so we know where to send the Spotify plays to
  • Proceed to checkout and pay for the service
  • Wait for the streams to start rising

Once the payment for the package you have chosen goes through, we will take care of the rest. Shortly after, your plays will start to come through. And if you ordered a bigger package, we won’t release all the plays at once.

Instead, we will release the plays over time. This can usually take a few days depending on the package you bought so that the Spotify algorithm doesn’t suspect any suspicious or abnormal activity for your profile.

We always want to make sure that our users get the most value for their money and get the best chance of being recognized by the Spotify algorithm.

If You Don’t Want To Pay For Spotify Plays?

We completely understand if you’re hesitant about buying Spotify plays and would rather take the organic approach. And while this is admirable, we have to tell you the truth and let you know how hard it can be to get streams on Spotify organically, especially as a new artist.

Even some popular artists have a hard time getting around the algorithm and finding ways for people to play their songs, which is why many people resort to buying a few plays for their releases.

When you do everything organically, you need to be prepared for a long and uphill battle with the algorithm, which can take months and sometimes years. Often, even the best songs fail on Spotify because they don’t have the plays to back them up.

On top of that, just because you have the patience and skill doesn’t mean you’ll get the desired results. The music industry is very fickle and hard for people looking to break through and succeed, especially on Spotify.

So, unless you start investing in Spotify plays and show the algorithm your songs are listened to by others, expect that some of the songs you worked so hard to release might not even get the recognition they deserve.

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