TikTok might be a video platform, but a well-timed line of text can really make or break your content. It’s also a fantastic way to make your TikTok videos more accessible, by adding closed captioning to engage a wider audience.

Adding text to your video content is really quick and easy. And thanks to various edit buttons and a duration feature, you can really personalize the text to suit your needs. Just hit the record button, write your text, and upload your content!

For the simple steps needed to add text to your TikTok videos, take a look at this guide.

How To Add Text On TikTok

Text on TikTok can be a real game changer. It can attract people to your content that previously scrolled past, it can open up how you use the platform and vary your content, and it can make your creations accessible.

So, how do you do it?

Start by launching TikTok, and recording your video. Once you have your video sorted, tap the checkmark in the bottom corner, and you can start to liven it up with some text.

  • Tap the “Text” option at the bottom of the screen. You should not use an “Aa” symbol.
  • Write your text. It might be a description of what’s happening in the video, a fun caption, a bit of extra information, or whatever you like.
  • Now you can start customizing your text. You can change the color of the text with the pigment circles at the bottom, or give the text background with the A option on the left side of the menu. Tap the A again to access different features, such as bold and boxes. There are also several font options for you to play around with. Tap “Done” when you’re happy with the look of the text.
  • Adjust the position of the text by dragging it across the screen. Keep in mind how it appears against the background, to make sure that everyone can read it.
  • When you’re happy with everything, you can tap “Next”. Add a description if you want to, and then tap “Post”.

And you’re done! Now you can share this amazing new creation with all your friends.

Adding text can really bring your video to life, so it’s worth spending some time learning how to do it. It’s really simple, and you might be surprised by just how personalized you can make your text. These are just the basic options that almost anyone can learn in minutes. Once you’ve mastered this, you’re ready to experiment with timed text.

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Can You Edit Text On TikTok?

Every person on the internet has had some experience of confidently hitting “post” only to discover that little typo lurking in the text. If you don’t think this has happened to you, the bad news is it definitely has, you just didn’t realize it. No matter how many times you think you proofread, errors have a habit of getting through.

So, what do you do when you’ve just published your new TikTok, only to realize there’s a glaring error you somehow missed?

The good news is that by downloading and saving the video, you can re-upload it with some minor changes to the caption.

The bad news is, this is all that you can do.

If you’ve made a typo in your text, the only way to edit it is by re-uploading the entire video and using a spellcheck service to make sure that everything is okay.

Or, you could just leave it with the error. It’s TikTok. No one will be bothered.

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How To Change The Duration Of Text On TikTok

One of the best things to do with text on TikTok is to play with the timings. By having text turn up at just the right moment, you can add a punchline that would be missed if the text hung around for the entire video. You also want to time if you’re doing closed captioning, so the words on the screen match what you’re saying.

Once you’ve perfected adding text to your TikTok videos, it’s time to think about timings.

  • Tap on the text that’s on your TikTok draft.
  • Tap “Select Duration”. From here, you can adjust when the text first appears, and when it disappears.
  • A timing bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Drag the ends of the bar to stop and start where you want the text to appear. It will indicate on the screen how long the text will appear.
  • Make sure that the text appears and disappears at the exact right point by tapping the play arrow that you can find above the editing bar. This will run through the video with your text coming and going as you want.
  • If you want the text to appear right at the start, or you don’t want it to disappear, just drag the bar all one way or the other.
  • When you’ve got your timings perfect, tap the check mark that will be in the bottom-right corner. Then you just follow the normal settings to post your video.

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How To Add Multiple Lines Of Text On TikTok

One line of text can improve a TikTok, but multiple lines are sometimes needed. This is particularly true if you’re doing closed captioning.

Adding multiple lines of text is really simple, especially once you’ve mastered editing text.

Once you’ve added your first line of text, you just need to follow the above instructions to add another. Tap the text icon again and you can add a second caption (and then a third, and a fourth…).

Final Thoughts

Adding text to TikTok takes no time at all. If you’ve got a hang of how TikTok editing works, you should be able to quickly learn all the tips and tricks for adding fun, or informative, text to your content. Play around with edits and durations to really add a personal spin to your videos, and create content that people will want to see.

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