In this article, we’ll discuss how you can do just that and, more importantly, hashtag information you need to know before you continue on social media.

Early on, in social media’s history, hashtags were a huge thing. They were something that we’ve never encountered before and were a great way to get your content to a wider audience and explore the full potential of the internet.

But we’re far passed the first use of the hashtag now. And for a lot of people, hashtags are no longer cute. In fact, many younger social media users don’t use hashtags anymore, but it isn’t uncommon to see budding influencers flood their posts with useless hashtags.

The younger generation is right on this one. It may be time to start saying goodbye to the hashtag and embrace new ways of bringing your content to a wider audience.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are words preceded by the pound (#) sign. For example, #Instagram or #TikTok qualifies as a hashtag. While they don’t look like much when typed out like that, they are actually a crucial way that social media platforms group related content together.

Hashtags first started on Twitter, but it didn’t take long for them to transcend other social media platforms. And nowadays, hashtags are on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and just about any social platform available.

In the beginning, hashtags were great for social media marketing. They allowed people to reach a wider audience than just the people who follow them. Additionally, it made it easier for algorithms to recommend tailored content to users, which was great for the social media ecosystem.

But hashtags are starting to fall out of style. In fact, a lot of people would argue that they actually fell out of style a long time ago.

So, should you still use hashtags in TikTok posts?

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Hashtags in 2022

We’ve found that hashtags aren’t as effective at social media marketing as they used to be. In fact, we don’t really recommend using hashtags when trying to build a following anymore. And here are some of the reasons why:

Hashtags Are Tricky

The first reason we don’t recommend hashtags is that finding the right ones nowadays can be hard. If you choose one that not a lot of people follow or search for, then no one will be able to view your post. But if you choose a hashtag that’s used a lot, then you’ll have a much harder time standing out on the “For You” page.

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They Don’t Provide the Best Look

Many social media users don’t like using hashtags anymore. And when you have a lot of them in your posts, then your content starts looking tacky and desperate, at least in the viewer’s eyes.

There Are Better Ways to Grow an Account

Hashtags were used to reach a wider audience, but nowadays you can buy TikTok followers, likes, and views, which is a much quicker way to boost an account. Through these methods, you can see changes almost instantly, which is why it’s a much more efficient social media strategy than hashtags.

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