TikTok is a great platform. The short-form video content is great at capturing attention and is the reason why it’s a bit easier to go viral and grow a following on this platform compared to other social media outlets.

TikTok is a geo-tagged app, which means it detects your location and boosts your content to other users in that area. However, there are lots of times when your niche or target audience is in a completely different location. And to reach them, you might want to consider changing your TikTok location.

So, how do you do that?

Well, it’s pretty complicated. And honestly, a lot of users have a hard time doing so. That’s why we’re looking at a couple of popular methods of changing your TikTok location to see if they actually work.

Why Would You Want to Change Your TikTok Location?

Different areas have different interests. And for a lot of people, the content they make on TikTok would be perfect if they were posting it in a different location. For example, there may be someone in East Asia whose best market would be an audience in Europe, but because of their TikTok location, it can be hard to get your videos on the For You pages of users in areas far away from you.

But if you changed your TikTok location, you can approach a much more specific market. And if you do the right research, you can determine which markets would be best for your content to get your account viral!

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How to Change Your TikTok Location

The reason it’s hard to change your TikTok location is that it uses your IP address, SIM Card, and GPS to determine where you are. Tricking the TikTok location system can be tricky, but it could be possible with the following techniques:


A VPN is a virtual private network. Basically, this service disguises your IP address with one from another country. For example, you could be in the United States with a US IP address, but a VPN can give you a UK IP address, tricking the internet into thinking you are in the UK.

Theoretically, giving yourself a foreign IP address could be a great way to change your TikTok location. However, there are many users that report that a different IP address may not be enough as TikTok can detect it.

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Using a Foreign Sim Card

A method that people swear works for changing your TikTok location is using a foreign SIM Card. The thing about this is that it can be hard to get your hands on a foreign SIM Card, and there’s a chance that your phone is geo-locked. But if you can get around these barriers, this is considered the most effective way to change your TikTok location.

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