Spotify has become the number one platform for people who want to listen to music at home, in the gym, or while they’re on the go. Spotify has a massive library of songs uploaded in the highest quality. However, another reason the app has become so popular is its social features.

For example, one of the best Spotify features is playlists. You can choose any songs from Spotify’s massive library, compile them, and create your own unique playlists with a name and picture. On top of that, you can even listen to other people’s playlists, follow different accounts, and like a playlist so that you save it to your phone.

In fact, there’s a pretty high chance that there are people liking your current playlists on Spotify. And because of this, many people wonder if you can see who liked your Spotify playlist. After all, it’s natural to be curious about who is listening to your playlists.

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Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

As of right now, you cannot view the people who liked your Spotify playlist. While this feature was available for a brief time in the past, you can no longer access it. So, sadly, if you notice that a lot of people liked one of your Spotify playlists, there is no way for you to view the exact accounts that liked them. This is true for the web player and the mobile and desktop versions of the application.

That said, Spotify is missing out on a huge opportunity by not allowing you to view who liked your playlist. This is because people with similar musical tastes can create instant connections. And if you view who likes your playlist, you could start an interaction with them that will increase your time on the app.

But while this feature would be great, it’s something we can only dream about right now. Currently, there are no signs that Spotify will add this feature again. So, the best we can do when it comes to playlist likes is to view the number of likes on a playlist.

How Do You View the Number of Likes on Your Spotify Playlist?

While you can’t view the exact accounts that liked one of your playlists, you have the option of viewing the total number of likes your playlist has. This isn’t as useful or practical as viewing the accounts that liked the playlist, but it’s still a cool feature. That said, the process of viewing the number of likes on a playlist varies depending on the device and app version you’re using.

But don’t worry – we’ll explain all the ways you can view the number of likes on a playlist in this section.

Through the Spotify App

To start, you need to open the app and log into your phone. From there, you can start viewing all your different playlists by going to your library. And if you want to view the number of likes your playlist has, simply tap on any of the playlists then you will see the total number of likes below the playlist name.

Through the Web Player

On the web player, Spotify works a bit differently. To check the number of playlists through the browser, you need to go to the website and enter your login credentials. Then, you need to find your personal library where you can view all the playlists. To see the number of likes, click on the playlist and you should see the total number of likes right below the playlist’s icon.

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Will Spotify Ever Allow You to See Who Liked Your Playlists?

Allowing people to view the accounts that liked their playlists could make Spotify a much better app. Spotify already allows users to connect with each other in a way that no other streaming platform has been able to match. And if they allowed you to connect and view the people who liked your playlist, it could make the app that much more social.

In fact, Spotify should already know this as this feature used to be available. Back in 2013, users were allowed to see all the people and accounts that liked their playlists. This wasn’t exactly a game-changer, but it did allow for a bit more interaction and connectivity on Spotify.

However, for unknown reasons, Spotify removed the feature in one of their 2013 updates. And in every update since then, they haven’t brought it back. On top of that, there has been no sign of any plans to re-adding that feature to Spotify.

So, if you see a lot of likes on your playlist right now, you won’t be able to see the names of anyone who liked it.

How Do I Check My Spotify Analytics?

If you’re a regular Spotify user, you won’t be able to access most of your analytics. In fact, the only analytic you get as a Spotify listener is the number of people that liked your playlist. The closest thing you get to Spotify analytics is the yearly Spotify Wrapped event.

Your Spotify Wrapped includes a bunch of cool and interesting analytics like your top artists, songs, and even the number of minutes you spent listening to music throughout the year. That said, this is only available at the end of the year for a select period of time.

If you’re an artist or musician on Spotify, you can access your analytics through the Spotify for Artists app. But if you don’t have this app or don’t upload music to Spotify, this feature won’t be available.


If you have playlists on Spotify with a lot of likes, you sadly won’t be able to see who liked the playlist. This is because Spotify removed this feature back in 2013 and there’s been no indication that it’s coming back.

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