Instagram is a very saturated platform. Many profiles post on Instagram every day and try to compete with you for your audience’s attention.

Instagram is a great platform for marketing your personal brand or business. Whether you’re a budding artist looking to grow an audience, a clothing brand trying to boost brand awareness, or a small local business tiring to bring in new customers from the area, Instagram is the ideal platform for reaching your ideal market.

On top of that, standing out on the platform is hard. For example, even if you have a captivating post and optimized caption, but you don’t post the content at the right time because you didn’t have time, the post won’t reach as many people as it could have had you posted it at peak time.

This is why many creators and brands on Instagram schedule their posts in advance. That way, you can allocate an hour or two per week to schedule all of your posts for the week, and have them go out to your audience even if you’re doing something completely different.

How to Schedule Posts on IG?

If you want to schedule posts on IG, the first step is to make sure you have a Business Account on Instagram. Once you have a business account, find the Creator Studio dashboard on your profile which gives you much more control over how and when you post your content to the platform.

When you open the Creator Studio, you can click on the “Create Post” option and select the account you want to post from. Then, you can select your photo or video, edit it, and add any necessary captions to increase the chances of improving engagement with your audience.

From there, you can click on the “Publish” button. When you tap this option, you post the content immediately. But if you want to schedule the post, there’s a button next to the “Publish” option that says “Schedule.”

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When you tap on schedule, you can select the exact time and date you want to publish the content, and once your selected time comes, Instagram will automatically publish your content for you.

There are many benefits to scheduling posts on Instagram, and if you want to find out more, keep reading as we explore the benefits of scheduling posts in the next section.

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Benefits of Schedule Posts on Instagram

You may already know this, but most people use Instagram during specific times of the day. For example, some demographics use Instagram at the end of the day after they finish work. However, other demographics use Instagram in the afternoons, and it’s important to time your posts when your audience is on the platform. That way, you will get the most engagement.

Scheduling posts on Instagram allows you to schedule all of your posts for the day or the week at once, meaning you don’t even need to log into your Instagram account for days, and you will still be publishing posts for your audience to see.

Scheduling posts on Instagram makes sticking to a posting schedule a much easier and effortless process.

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