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How To Repost On Instagram

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Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram and stumbled on a post that you would love to repost on the app?

Well, you aren’t alone. There are many people that want to repost something they see on Instagram all the time, whether this is a photo of someone, a quote, or a video. So, how do you repost on Instagram?

Sadly, it isn’t easy since Instagram doesn’t have a reposting feature or allow you to download photos from the app.

Read on to find out how to repost on Instagram.

Does Instagram Have a Native Reposting Feature?

While you might see a couple of your contacts reposting content on Instagram, this isn’t done in the app itself. This is because Instagram doesn’t have a native reposting feature. This means that there’s no way for you to repost Instagram content directly on the app.

In fact, Instagram doesn’t even allow you to download photos on the platform. This is to protect people’s privacy and ensure that no one violates copyright laws. So, if you see something on the platform that you want to repost, you have to get creative about it.

But remember, Instagram was one of the first social media platforms. And over the years, many people have found workarounds to this issue and have successfully reposted both photos and videos on Instagram. Keep reading through this article if you want to discover how you can do that yourself.

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How to Repost on Instagram

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to easily repost content, there are different ways to do so on the platform. However, most users and Instagram veterans agree that there are two ways that are the best methods of reposting on Instagram. And to give you a better idea of them, we’ll explain how to repost on Instagram through these two distinct methods.

Take a Screenshot

This is arguably the easiest way for you to repost a post or picture on Instagram. While the app doesn’t allow you to download the content you see on the platform, you can take screenshots. On top of that, the original creator won’t get a notification that you took a screenshot of the post, which is a huge plus if you want to repost something privately.

To repost on Instagram through a screenshot, you first have to go on the app and find the photo you want to repost. Then, align your screen so that the photo is in the middle and take a screenshot. From there, you can open the photo in a photo editor to crop out everything that you don’t want to repost.

Once you do that, you can save the screenshot and then upload it as your own post on Instagram. While this might sound a bit too simple and easy considering how strict Instagram can be around reposting, this is how many people on the platform repost.

And with modern mobile phones, you can even use this method for videos. Many modern smartphones come with a screen recording feature. So, if you want to repost a video, simply find the video and use the screen recorder to record it.

Then, you can post the video on your profile just like any other post.

That said, the downside to this is that there is sometimes a dip in quality when you take a screenshot or screen-record a video. Most of the time, you won’t notice this quality dip, but many people report that the photos and videos aren’t as clear when they use this method.

When reposting a video or photo through this method, make sure to add a citation and credit the original owner. This can be as simple as putting a comment with their handle or adding credits to the description. That way, there’s a smaller chance of you having to deal with a copyright strike, which can spell huge problems for your profile.

Use a Reposting App

The thing with screenshots and screen recordings is that you can sometimes tell that someone grabbed it directly from Instagram. This isn’t ideal for some people, which is why you may not be able to use screenshots for reposting on Instagram. Luckily, there’s this great alternative that people have been using for years whenever they want to repost on Instagram.

The alternative is using repost applications and websites. There are a ton of such apps and sites on the internet that can help you repost a post or a video in as little as under a minute.

Of course, each app has its own advantages and disadvantages, but we’ll dive into that a bit more later in the article.

To use reposting apps, simply download one from the AppStore or Play Store. Once downloaded, open Instagram and find the photo or video you want to repost. Then, copy the link to the post to your clipboard and move to the reposting app.

From there, simply paste the copied link into the dashboard and click reshare or whatever alternative your specific reposting application has called the reposting feature. After that, most apps lead you to a menu where you can customize the post. This is where you can add filters, and captions, edit the photo/video and make sure you have the right citation.

Once finished, all you have to do is click finish and then the app will post the photo or video to your Instagram profile. The downside to this is that the post will likely have a watermark that shows that you used a reposting app and even the specific reposting app you chose for the job.

And of course, if you have a bit of money to spare, most reposting apps have premium versions that will allow you to repost content without the watermark.

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What’s the Best App for Reposting on Instagram?

There are many apps on the Play Store and Apple Store specifically dedicated to helping you repost on Instagram. That said, some of these apps do the job better than others, which is why it’s crucial that you don’t just use any app for reposting on Instagram. Instead, you need to find options that stand out from the pack.

In our experience, one of the apps that did the best job is Repost: For Instagram. To start, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, you can use this to repost on Instagram regardless of the type of device you use.

On top of that, this app features direct Instagram integrations. This means that the app was designed to work in tandem with Instagram, making it much easier to repost content on the app. And even if you’ve never used a reposting app for Instagram before, you’ll find it very easy to navigate through Repost: For Instagram.

To use this app, all you have to do is download it and then open Instagram. From there, you can look for any photo or video that you want to repost. Once you find it, go to the content and click on the “share” icon. But instead of sharing it with your stories or sending it to another person, tap on the “copy link” option.

After that, you need to open the Repost: For Instagram app and paste the link into the space provided. Then, the app will convert the post into a repost, and when it’s finished, you can edit the final look of the photo/video.

When satisfied with the post, simply tap on the share button, which then gives you the option to post it on your feed, send it as a message, or post it on your stories. Once you select your sharing option, the app posts the photo or video directly to Instagram.

Does Instagram Plan on Adding a Reposting Feature?

One piece of good news for Instagram users is that very soon, they might not need to look for reposting solutions. This is because Instagram hinted at possibly adding a reposting feature on the app in 2023. We have no information on how the feature will work or when it will be released.

For the time being, all we know is that there’s a possibility of Instagram adding this future a bit down the line. So, while waiting, you’re still going to have to resort to screenshots or using a third-party app to repost on Instagram.


Currently, Instagram doesn’t offer a way for users to download or repost a picture or video directly on the app. Instead, users have to take screenshots or screen recordings of the content before editing it and reuploading the post to Instagram.

For users who are concerned about the drop in quality often seen with screenshots or screen recordings, there are third-party applications, which have also been a pretty popular solution.

While there are workarounds to this issue, it would still be great for Instagram to add a repost feature. This won’t just make it easier to grow a brand on the platform, but it also offers many opportunities for interaction between users.

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