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How To Create A Collection Of Saved Posts On Instagram And TikTok

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If you use Instagram and TikTok regularly, chances are that you’ll have come across a large number of great content that hits close to home. And when that happens, we all tend to save the post so we can access it at a later date.

However, once you save a few too many posts on either Instagram or TikTok, your general folder with saved content can quickly start to look messy and unorganized.

Fortunately, there is a great solution for that, and it can be achieved by creating a collection for all of your different saved posts.

So, if you’re into dancing, singing, cycling, or a bunch of other different activities, you can create separate collections, so you can have a place for all of your different saved posts.

How to Make Instagram Collections

Creating an Instagram collection of saved posts is the same for both Android and iOS phones. To start, you have to tap your profile icon on the bottom right of your homepage.

This brings you to your profile, where you will see the hamburger icon on the top right. This is the icon with three horizontal lines that opens a new menu.

On this menu, you can find the “Saved” icon that you can tap to access your saved posts. You can view all the posts you saved on this page. On the top right of that page, you will see a “+” sign that you can tap if you want to create a new collection.

From there, you can simply add any of your saved posts to the collection for easier access later. Once you’ve put all the posts you want in the collection, you can tap the “Next” button and add a name to the collection.

You can then preview the collection with all of the relevant saved posts on demand.

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How to Make TikTok Collections

On TikTok, you will see a small bookmark icon on the screen. This is the favorites button that brings you to all your saved videos on the platform. If you’ve never created a collection, it will only show a general folder with all the saved videos.

While this is great, it’s a little bit unorganized. For example, if you’re into horse riding, gardening, and fitness, you don’t want all of your saved posts to be in the same place.

In such cases, having a different collection for every single one of your interests on TikTok is a great way to make things a little more organized and easier to find if needed.

To do this, all you have to do is go to your favorites and tap the “+” icon, which will create a new collection. When making a TikTok collection, you will have to name the collection before adding videos to it. From there, you can tap any of your saved videos to add them to the collection.

Once you’ve added every video to your desired collection, tap on the “Add Videos” button, and the collection will be saved on the app.

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How Do I View My Collections?

After you create your collections on either platform, finding them isn’t hard at all. To view your collection, simply go to the “Saved” page on your Instagram profile or the “Favorites” tab of your TikTok profile. From there, you will see all your saved videos and the collections of saved videos that you’ve already built.

And once you tap on the collection, you will see all the videos you saved in that particular collection.

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