How To Hide IG Photos You've Been Tagged In

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Have you been tagged by a friend or someone you don’t even know in an image that you don’t necessarily want everyone who follows you to see?

In this article, we will show you exactly what you need to do to hide Instagram photos that you’ve been tagged in.

How to Hide Instagram Photos You’ve Been Tagged In

The process for hiding Instagram photos will depend on whether you’re using an Android or an iOS device.

If you’re using Android, tap the post, tap on the three dots in the top right, and then tap “Tag options”. After that, click on “Hide from my profile.”

If you are using an Apple device, tap the post, tap on the three dots, then tap on “Tag options.” After that, tap on “Hide from my profile.”

If you want to hide a large volume of photos you have been tagged in from your profile, tap on your profile picture. Then tap on the hamburger (the three lines), and then head over to settings.

Tap on “Privacy” and then “Posts.” From there, tap “Manually approve tags”, tap “Edit” next to “Tagged posts.” After that, select the posts you want to hide from your profile and tap “Hide” at the bottom. Then tap “Hide from profile.”

If you don’t want to hide an Instagram photo that you’ve been tagged in and would rather get rid of the tag on the image, keep on reading as we explain it in the next section.

How to Remove Your Tag From Photos on Instagram

Removing a tag from photos or videos that you’ve been tagged in is quite a straightforward process. Go to the photo you have been tagged in, click on your tag, and tap “Remove Me From Post.”

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Tagged Photos From Appearing on Your Profile

Instagram allows you the option to decide whether posts you have been tagged in automatically appear on your profile or are put on hold for you to approve manually.

When you have chosen to add photos or videos you’ve been tagged in manually, they will only appear on your profile after your approval. However, by default, this setting is not enabled so photos and videos you’ve been tagged in will automatically appear on your profile until you change the setting.

To manually select which photos and videos you’re tagged in to appear on your profile, follow the steps below:

  • Click on three lines (hamburger button), and then click on the settings wheel
  • Click Privacy and security
  • Below “Photos of You”, select “Add Automatically” or “Add Manually”

Regardless of the setting you choose, you’ll still be notified when someone tags you in a photo or video.

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